The first Bernina houses were built at the beginning of the 16th century during exploitation of the silver mines on the Bernina Pass (Val Minor). The Bernina houses were first documented in 1515.

Situated at 2046 metres above sea level on the slope leading up to the Bernina Pass, the buildings were used for farming and offered board and lodging. Workers on their way to the silver mines in Val Minor would stop at the Bernina houses for a break.

Back then, a mule track led across the Bernina Pass, enabling single horse-drawn carriages and sleighs to be transported from Puschlav to the Upper Engadine. The Bernina houses served as a resting point for them, too, offering accommodation and a horse changing station.

Bernina Suot even had its own postcode once ( 7749).

What hotel can claim that?

As early as 1912, guests arrived from Barcelona, London, Paris, Hamburg and elsewhere.

Imagine how difficult it was to travel back then with no motorway and roads in bad condition, and crossing the Alps with just a horse and carriage.

Once a farm offering board and basic accommodation, today a three-star hotel: The Berninahaus Hotel dates back more than half a millennium and was fully renovated and lovingly refurbished between 2003 and 2006.


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